This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of REVHEIM. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Anna JOHANNESDTR. [I3660] 1674
Baste OLSEN [I1230] about 1665
Eiliv KNUTSON [I3658] 1694
Elling JOHANNESSON [I3646] 1632
Elling OLSON [I3643] 1570
Gudrid HELGESDTR. [I1566] 1668
Ingebj [I1589] 1732
Ingebj [I3647] 1672
Johannes ELLINGSON [I3642] 1601
Johannes JOHANNESEN [I1594] 1745
Kari JOHANNESDTR. [I1597] 1750
Kari KNUTSDTR. [I3662] 1704
Kari KNUTSDTR. [I3663] 1705
Kari KNUTSDTR. [I3664] 1708
Kari p [I3645] before 1610
Magne JOHANNESSEN [I1591] 1740
Marta KNUTSDTR. [I3661] 1698
Marta NILSDTR. [I1415] 1786-04-20
Nils NILSEN [I1394] 1738
Olav JOHANNESSEN [I1538] 1737
Olav JOHANNESSEN [I1596] 1748
Olav JOHANNESSON [I3641] 1642
Olav KNUTSON [I3659] 1695
Olav OLSON [I3649] 1680
Olav p [I3644] about 1540