This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of SEIM. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
[I0693] about 1620
Anders LARSEN [I0459] 1796
Arne ANDERSEN [I4686] 1688
Askjell LARSSON [I3472] 1704
B [I0686] about 1606
Brynjulv LARSEN [I3464] 1691
Cristopher TRONDSEN RUSTUNG til [I2735] 1490
Fartegn MADSEN [I2746] about 1480
Guri LARSDTR. [I3461] 1687
Ingeborg LARSDTR. [I0694] 1628
Ingeborg p [I0680] about 1570
Jakob [I0681] about 1597
Johannes LARSEN [I0454] 1789
Johannes NILSSON [I0294] 1658
Kari [I0688] 1603
Kari MARKUSDTR. [I1289] 1696
Kari p [I0692] 1603
Katla LARSDTR. [I3470] 1700
Lars [I0671] about 1596
Lars LARSSON [I3466] 1695
Mari LARSDTR. [I3462] 1688
Marita LARSDTR. [I3438] 1692
Marta MONSDTR. [I3591] 1732
Nils EIRIKSEN [I3542] 1762
Ola [I0683] about 1600
Ragnhilde OLSDTR. [I0924] about 1675
Sigurd RUSTUNG til [I2737] 1430
Svein LARSSON [I3473] 1707
Sygni [I0690] 1610
Synneva LARSDTR. [I3468] 1698
Torgeir LARSSON [I3475] 1708