This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of KLEIVELAND. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Agate ASKILDSDTR. [I1242] 1654
Anders ANDERSEN [I1314] 1779
Anders JOHANNESEN [I3699] 1861-10-23
Anders PERSEN [I1189] 1799-01-24
Anders PERSEN [I1191] 1740
Anna JOHANNESDTR. [I1187] 1863-03-05
Anna p [I1240] 1619
Askild LARSEN [I1238] 1634
Brita PERSDTR. [I1261] 1738
Eirik PERSEN [I1251] 1728
Helge EIRIKSEN [I1246] about 1640
Johannes ANDERSEN [I1311] 1773
Johannes ANDERSEN [I1188] 1837-08-12
Johannes PERSEN [I1255] 1732
Kari ASKILDSDTR. [I1237] 1655
Kari HELGESDTR. [I1558] 1690
Kari PERSDTR. [I1258] 1736
Knut PERSEN [I1254] 1730
Lars ASKILDSEN [I1244] 1664
Lars MONSEN [I1239] 1609
Magdeli ANDERSDTR. [I1216] 1700
Magne PERSEN [I1412] 1803
Maria IVARSDTR. [I0742] 1854-10-11
Marta ANDERSDTR. [I1247] 1699
Marta PERSDTR. [I1256] 1734
Mons ANDERSEN [I1679] 1842-10-31
Mons ANDERSSON [I1248] 1702
Mons PERSEN [I1410] 1802
Olav ANDERSEN [I1678] 1839-07-22
Per ANDERSEN [I1190] 1771
Sjur PERSEN [I1249] 1726
Synneva ANDERSDTR. [I1313] 1776