This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of KVAMME. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Anders KNUTSEN [I0137] 1604
Anna OLSDTR. [I0301] 1699
Anna OLSDTR. [I0295] 1688
Berge EIRIKSON [I0260] 1733
Brita [I0237] about 1625
Brita EIRIKSDTR. [I0238] 1649
Brynild MONSSON [I0873] about 1606
Eirik MIKKELSEN [I0232] 1690
Eirik OLSEN [I0234] 1624
Elling OLSEN [I0870] about 1632
Helga OLSDTR. [I0296] 1690
Ingeborg ANDERSDTR. [I0143] about 1680
Ingeborg p [I0875] 1612
J [I0240] 1623
Jon OLSON [I0297] 1691
Jostein OLSON [I0303] 1706
Kari OLSDTR. [I0299] 1695
Kari p [I0872] 1599
Knut EIRIKSON [I0261] 1737
Knut ELLINGSON [I0879] 1686
Marta ANDERSDTR. [I0136] about 1670
Marta NILSDTR. [I3971] 1691
Mikkel EIRIKSEN [I0233] 1647
Mikkel ERIKSEN [I0231] 1726
Mons ANDERSEN [I0140] about 1655
Nils MIKKELSEN [I0250] 1699
Nils MIKKELSEN [I0251] 1699
Nils OLSON [I0298] 1693
Ola ELLINGSON [I0869] 1684
Olav EIRIKSON [I0259] 1730
Olav MIKKELSEN [I0249] 1694
Olav OLSON [I0290] 1697
Olav OLSON [I0236] 1614
Olav på [I0235] about 1580
Oluff [I0871] about 1580
Signy EIRIKSDTR. [I0257] 1723
Simon ARNESEN [I0906] 1655
Simon OLSON [I0874] about 1620
Torleiv OLSON [I0304] 1711