This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of BAUGE. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Bernt EILEFSEN [I4736] 1856-11-12
Brita LARSDTR. [I3773] 1687
Brithe MONSDTR. [I4666] 1832-09-09
Eilef MONSEN [I4611] 1820-01-30
Eilev JOHANNESSEN [I4643] 1748
Elias MONSEN [I4744] 1879-10-28
Elling OLSEN [I3774] about 1708
Halvor OLSEN [I3777] about 1718
Hans Bernhard MONSEN [I4743] 1877-09-21
Johanne Karine MONSDTR. [I4609] 1880-12-01
Johannes MONSEN [I4662] 1817-01-03
Karen MONSDTR. [I4742] 1876-08-27
Kari MONSDTR. [I4665] 1829-01-28
Lars NILSEN [I4657] about 1750
Marie Susanne MONSDTR. [I4746] 1884-06-27
Marita OLSDTR. [I3775] 1711
Martinus EILEFSEN [I4735] 1853-06-02
Mons ELLEFSEN [I4610] 1846-11-19
Nils OLSEN [I3771] 1714
Ole Martin MONSEN [I4745] 1882-03-08
Ole NIELSEN [I3770] 1745
Synneve EILEVSDTR. [I4642] 1789