This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of EIDE. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
[I3416] 1639
Agate JONSDTR. [I0089] 1666
Anna JONSDTR. [I0713] 1754
Anved JONSEN [I3420] 1654
Anved KRISTOFFERSON [I3411] 1583
Brita ERIKSDTR. [I0494] 1731
Brita HANSDTR. [I0148] 1698
Eirik p [I3899] about 1560
Gerd INGEBRIGTSDTR. [I3415] 1618
Gjertrud MATIASDTR. [I4019]
Gjertrud OLSDTR. [I3901] about 1636
Ingebj [I1358] 1732
Ingebj [I3418] 1640
Ingebrigt OLSON [I3916] 1726
Kari MONSDTR. [I0157] 1728
Knut EIRIKSON [I3898] about 1585
Knut OLSEN [I3895] 1727
Magne OLSON [I4052] 1707
Marita OLSDTR. [I1363] 1703
Mons JENSEN [I0490] 1720
Nils HANSEN [I0092] 1710
Olav JONSEN [I0087] about 1655
Olav OLSON [I3903] 1638
Ole OLSEN [I1364] 1677
Siri OLSDTR. [I1646] 1697