This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of BORGE. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Anders JONSEN [I3688] 1774
Anders JONSON [I3681] 1766
Anders MONSSON [I1757] 1698
Anna MONSDTR. [I1752] 1689
Anna MONSDTR. [I1756] 1697
Baste EIRIKSON [I1731] 1654
Baste S [I1717] 1589
Bothild p [I1723]
Brita JAKOBSDTR. [I1701] 1659
Eirik MONSSON [I1747] 1682
Eirik S [I1715] 1620
Gjertrud MONSDTR. [I1762] 1706
Kari JONSDTR. [I3637] 1769
Kari JONSDTR. [I3685] 1767
Kari MONSDTR. [I1713] 1695
Lars MONSSON [I1758] 1699
Markus MONSSON [I1750] 1686
Marta JONSDTR. [I3686] 1772
Marta MONSDTR. [I1754] 1692
Mons EIRIKSON [I1714] 1648
Olav EIRIKSON [I1726] 1646
Olav JONSON [I1224]
Ole JONSEN [I3683] 1767
Otte JONSON [I3682] 1766
Per EIRIKSON [I1729] 1650
S [I1761] 1704
S [I1718] about 1540
S [I1716] 1629
Sigrid MONSDTR. [I1745] 1680
Sigrid p [I1725] about 1625