This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of HELLAND. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Anders NILSSON [I0128] 1656
Anna JOHANSDTR. [I0053] 1665
Anna LARSDTR. [I0018] 1700
Askild KNUTSEN [I0159] 1689
Askjel NILSSON [I3914] 1694
Brita JOHANNESDTR. [I0162] 1681
Eilev LARSEN [I0031] 1696
Gertrud KNUDSDTR. [I3867] 1737
Gudve TORGJERSDTR. [I4325] about 1625
Hans LARSEN [I4213] 1709
Ingeborg NILSDTR. [I3868] 1778
Johannes [I0163] 1638
Johannes JOHANSEN [I0057] about 1668
Johans HALDORSEN [I0042] 1621
Kari OLSDTR. [I0025] 1664
Knut JOHANSEN [I0049] 1661
Lars JOHANNESEN [I0041] 1658
Maren LAURITZDTR. [I0043] 1622
Maria OLSDTR. [I3856] 1802-01-17
Mons NILSEN [I4192] 1691
Niels CLAUSEN [I3865] 1723
Nils HALVORSON [I4184] 1620
Nils KNUDSEN [I3844] 1828
Nilsine Olufine NILSDTR. [I3843] 1877-11-07
Olav NILSSON [I4183] 1687
Ragnhild JOHANSDTR. [I0051] 1662
Ragnhild p [I4185] about 1600
Siri NILSDTR. [I3864] 1775