This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of STOROKSA. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
[I4467] before 1625
Albert OLSON [I4552] 1609
Brita KNUTSDTR. [I4481] 1663
Håvar Knutson [I4478] 1659
Ingeborg ALBERTSDTR. [I4557] about 1652
Johannes NILSEN [I4499] 1709
Johannes NILSSON [I4471] before 1605
Knut NILSSON [I4497] 1700
Knut NILSSON [I4494] 1694
Knut OLSON [I4482] before 1615
Marite ALBERTSDTR. [I4490] 1667
Maritte NILSDTR. [I4553] about 1612
Nils KNUTSON [I4485] 1647
Nils OLSON [I4468] before 1590
Nils på [I4554] about 1580
Nils RASMUSSON [I4465] 1667
Ola på [I4469] about 1560
Ragnhilde NILSDTR. [I4464] 1705
Ragnhilde NILSDTR. [I4498] 1703
Ragnhilde RASMUSDTR. [I4475] 1671
Ranveig p [I4472] before 1610
Rasmus NILSEN [I0963] 1697
Rasmus OLSON [I4466] 1622
Steffen ALBERTSEN [I4551] about 1662
Synneve KNUTSDTR. [I4491] 1668